Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28th

It was great talking to you on Friday, you sounded happy and positive. How have things gone these past few days? I hope Kim is starting to get her blood cells back.
This week has been a weird week for me. We spent a lot of time with members and didn’t get many chances to teach. It was fun though. Now its back to work- nothing special will be happening on New Years… we don’t even have a dinner for that night. So it will be a nice quite evening- exciting huh? And we used all our silly string already so we will have to do something else.
Sunday was weird. Bishop Gantz canceled all the meetings before church so we had a normal morning for once. I even got to study for an hour before the Denninghoffs picked us up. They have a son serving in Cali, and Sister Denninghoff talks about him all the time. On the way to church I spoke with Even, their youngest son, about his Eagle Scout project, and he talked about all the stress he was under to get it done. I told him it was well worth it and to get it done as soon as he could.
I’m excited that the days are getting longer. I hate not having light because it cuts back on the amount of work we can do; even if its 5:30 the people seem to think the day is over because its dark outside, and they don’t have to talk to you. It’s a pain.
When does dad go back to work? After the New Year?
Em told me about when kim was crazy and she talked about me, and said no one was home to eat the crackers. What else did she say? We can use it against her later on. I don’t think I said anything weird after I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Did I?
The closest people to Baptism we are working with right now are Chris Wohlhueter and Sam Mikekills. Sam has a date for the 9th of January and everything seems to be going well for that. Chris we will be taking to the temple to give him a tour of the grounds then commit him to be baptized to join his family forever. So pray that his heart will be softened. I love him and his family dearly and I know that he will be baptized sooner or later.
Elder Barney and I will be going to the Temple on the 8th to do a session with the Bairs. It’s about time- I haven’t been there in a while.
I love you all with all my heart and hope you have a wonderful new week full of the Spirit.

Elder Nelson

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mike's Christmas Phone Call

Mike was able to call and talk to us this Christmas at the hospital. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and talk to him. It sounds like he is doing great. He was really worried about Kim, but being able to hear that she's getting a little better was a huge relief to him.
I need to get off pretty soon, but I wanted to say that I asked him how many baptizms he has had so far. He said he wasn't sure, they're really not supposed to focus much on numbers like that. But after thinking for a minute, he said he was pretty sure it was somewhere around 18-20. Wow, how amazing is that?
I am so proud of him. In just a short hour, it was easy to see how much he's grown in just under 10 months of being a missionary. I love my brother!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 14 and 21

Dec 21

I'm not sure what time I will get to call sometime after 3, I know that. Most likely not long after that. I sent you all a package too, except don't open it till Christmas. So you will all be at the hospital again? I thought we were done with that. Just when we thought it was going to be okay.
So its just some infection that wrecking havoc on Kim because she has no defense against it? Stupid, everything was going so well.
We had our zone conference this past week, we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and sang lots of Christmas songs. They gave us a Book of Mormon to read and to mark all the places where Christ is talked about all the names of Christ and everything he says in red. Which makes reading the BOM fun it turns in it to a game almost. So far I have found over 500.
I went caroling last night with some of the ward members; it was lots of fun and it was in the 40s so it was close to what it should be. We went to a bunch of houses and sang bunches of Christmas songs. The people were happy to see us as well.
I love you all so much. Everything was going so well- I hope Kim will be recovering by Christmas- that will be the Best gift. I hope I can call on your cell phone so we can use the speaker- that will be much better. That and I wont have to work through the hospital again. Last time was a pain trying to get through to you.
I love you all, I hope you will have a Merry Christmas

Love, Elder Nelson

Dec 14

This week went pretty well- we went on lots of exchanges. We had our zone p-day, ate lots of junk food and had fun. We had a district meeting the next day we talked a lot about planning and then practiced our tracting skills running around the gym contacting one another and teaching each other. Sister Freeman went a little nuts while contacting. It looked like she was going to eat poor Elder Moon while she tried to get a "new gater". You would have to see a picture of her to understand why Elder Moon about died.
After the meeting I went on an exchange with Elder Lussier in my area, we tracted and had a good member exchange later that night. Elder Lussier was very excited to be right on the beach pretty much. He about wet him self out of excitation. He is from Mesa Az.
The next day I went on a exchange with the APs, we found a few new gaters one of which might be positive. It rained on and off that day and we got pretty wet. We had to hurry and get to our apt, dry off and eat- then went out on another member exchange to teach Sam, one of our gaters. The lesson went very well we set a baptismal date with him for this coming month.
Sunday was pretty busy as usual- we went over to the church at 6 then had our meetings like normal. President and Sister Darrington came to our church meetings, which was awesome. They tore the members up for referrals and we got about 20 people we can now follow up with- sweet! They need to come more often now. Right after church we had a baptism. Emily Wohlhueter. Because it was right after church we had a ton of people show up. They had lots of support. She asked me to baptize her, which I was happy to do. Later that night they brought us a Christmas tree, which we now have up.
All in all it was a good week. I hope Kim recovers, I cant believe she got this everything was going so well... oh man not good.
Well I hope good things happen this week.
Elder Nelson


I have to admit, getting ALL of Mike's past emails onto this blog has been a bit too daunting a task, and I have therefor not even begun to try. So, what I am going to do is just start now, and post his current emails as they come in. I'm sure you will get the general drift.
Thanks to all of you who care about Mike and will check here to see how he is doing.
Love, Emily

Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 March 2009

Kim, I’m sorry you can’t run track anymore but don’t worry- heavenly father has a plan for every one. Just think about all the happy memories you have and be glad for the things you were able to do. (**She didn't pass her physical because of her heart condition- the leukemia wasn't even showing at this point**)
So my new companion is Elder Ryan Miller from California- he plays the sax and is going to BYU-I for a music major. he is shorter than I am and he has been teaching me well. I’m in Kissimmee now and the ward here is great the people are so nice. And my apartment isn’t that bad- it’s just us two there so we have lots of room.
Most days it’s been in the 80s. it rained yesterday for the first time in awhile everything was starting to dry up (so the locals say, I had different thoughts about that.) We are teaching a bunch of families- some I just met and others that we found since I got here. Our goal for this month Is 20 baptisms for just us two and we already have 12 dates, mainly because of this family we started to teach when I got here there are 12 people in that family and 6 committed to be baptized last Friday. What’s cool is that they bore witness of the Holy Ghost testifying to them that it is true. And I felt the spirit strongly as they told us they wanted to be baptized. They even asked us to give a blessing to their baby who was sick.
I have felt the spirit so many times and strongly at that. One night Elder miller asked me for a blessing because he was sick, and he had a baptism the next day, and as I blessed him I felt as if the spirit would consume me- I have never felt it as strong as that in my entire life.
I did get to see the Draper temple, with about 2200 other missionaries and it was very cool. Elder Perry spoke to us before I left the MTC about companions and safety. And yes he really is that tall. And Guess what? I get to meet Elder Holland on the 25 this month! He is coming to talk to us- it’s going to be so cool!
Tell every that if they write me that have to put my whole name on the letter because there are 2 Nelsons here.
Man I've had a cold for about 2 weeks now and it won’t go away. Worse I gave it to Elder Miller. Oh and tell President Sparx That President Darrington was his old companion back when they served.
There is a family in My Ward whose house we got to eat at: very cool family. We’re taking some investigators with us this week. but anyway they have a cool story: their oldest daughter has had seizures since she was born and they kept getting worse and worse and the meds weren’t helping so they decided to operate and remove the part of her brain that was doing it. so the whole ward fasted for her and she was on the prayer role at 30 temples. And they night before the operation a man came in to her room kissed her on her head and left. the next day there was no sign that she had ever been sick.
Well I love you all, and I can’t wait to get some letters from you they always make my day better,
Lots of love from your Missionary son and brother,
Elder Nelson

23 March 2009

Dear Family,
Well I’m here, Orlando Florida. The fight over was pretty nice I read about 25 chapters in Alma on the way over. I never got up so by the time I got to the airport my legs were dead. I tried to call you at the airport but no one was home, I guess you didn’t get my last letter. The night before I left Elder Wells gave me a blessing I signed the hat and sang God be with you till we meant again then went to bed. I got up at four this morning got the rest of my packing done said good bye to Elder Wells and Elder Clark. You want to know something funny, I had a backpack with stuff in it and still my bags were almost over weight I don’t get it I didn’t get anything new at the MTC...
My Mission President and his wife are really nice they picked us up at the airport with the AP's then took us to the Mission home which is VERY beautiful they gave us a great dinner and we'll do a few other things before bedtime. Its hot here I about died during dinner I was sweating so much. And they said it was a cool day. Mondays are now my P days so that’s when I get to check my mail, but I still expect letters and I'll get you my address as soon as possible, I get to meet my trainer tomorrow and head to my area which I will find out tonight.
Well got to go love you all,
Elder Nelson

Mike's New Blog

Because I am so late in starting this up (Mike has been out on his mission for eight months now) what I think I will do is go back through the emails he has sent to us, and start posting them here. There will be quite a bit at first, but then I should be caught up to present.
Thank you all for your support of Mike- I know it means a lot to him!