Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Thursday, November 12, 2009

23 March 2009

Dear Family,
Well I’m here, Orlando Florida. The fight over was pretty nice I read about 25 chapters in Alma on the way over. I never got up so by the time I got to the airport my legs were dead. I tried to call you at the airport but no one was home, I guess you didn’t get my last letter. The night before I left Elder Wells gave me a blessing I signed the hat and sang God be with you till we meant again then went to bed. I got up at four this morning got the rest of my packing done said good bye to Elder Wells and Elder Clark. You want to know something funny, I had a backpack with stuff in it and still my bags were almost over weight I don’t get it I didn’t get anything new at the MTC...
My Mission President and his wife are really nice they picked us up at the airport with the AP's then took us to the Mission home which is VERY beautiful they gave us a great dinner and we'll do a few other things before bedtime. Its hot here I about died during dinner I was sweating so much. And they said it was a cool day. Mondays are now my P days so that’s when I get to check my mail, but I still expect letters and I'll get you my address as soon as possible, I get to meet my trainer tomorrow and head to my area which I will find out tonight.
Well got to go love you all,
Elder Nelson

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