Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 March 2009

Kim, I’m sorry you can’t run track anymore but don’t worry- heavenly father has a plan for every one. Just think about all the happy memories you have and be glad for the things you were able to do. (**She didn't pass her physical because of her heart condition- the leukemia wasn't even showing at this point**)
So my new companion is Elder Ryan Miller from California- he plays the sax and is going to BYU-I for a music major. he is shorter than I am and he has been teaching me well. I’m in Kissimmee now and the ward here is great the people are so nice. And my apartment isn’t that bad- it’s just us two there so we have lots of room.
Most days it’s been in the 80s. it rained yesterday for the first time in awhile everything was starting to dry up (so the locals say, I had different thoughts about that.) We are teaching a bunch of families- some I just met and others that we found since I got here. Our goal for this month Is 20 baptisms for just us two and we already have 12 dates, mainly because of this family we started to teach when I got here there are 12 people in that family and 6 committed to be baptized last Friday. What’s cool is that they bore witness of the Holy Ghost testifying to them that it is true. And I felt the spirit strongly as they told us they wanted to be baptized. They even asked us to give a blessing to their baby who was sick.
I have felt the spirit so many times and strongly at that. One night Elder miller asked me for a blessing because he was sick, and he had a baptism the next day, and as I blessed him I felt as if the spirit would consume me- I have never felt it as strong as that in my entire life.
I did get to see the Draper temple, with about 2200 other missionaries and it was very cool. Elder Perry spoke to us before I left the MTC about companions and safety. And yes he really is that tall. And Guess what? I get to meet Elder Holland on the 25 this month! He is coming to talk to us- it’s going to be so cool!
Tell every that if they write me that have to put my whole name on the letter because there are 2 Nelsons here.
Man I've had a cold for about 2 weeks now and it won’t go away. Worse I gave it to Elder Miller. Oh and tell President Sparx That President Darrington was his old companion back when they served.
There is a family in My Ward whose house we got to eat at: very cool family. We’re taking some investigators with us this week. but anyway they have a cool story: their oldest daughter has had seizures since she was born and they kept getting worse and worse and the meds weren’t helping so they decided to operate and remove the part of her brain that was doing it. so the whole ward fasted for her and she was on the prayer role at 30 temples. And they night before the operation a man came in to her room kissed her on her head and left. the next day there was no sign that she had ever been sick.
Well I love you all, and I can’t wait to get some letters from you they always make my day better,
Lots of love from your Missionary son and brother,
Elder Nelson

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