Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mike's Christmas Phone Call

Mike was able to call and talk to us this Christmas at the hospital. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and talk to him. It sounds like he is doing great. He was really worried about Kim, but being able to hear that she's getting a little better was a huge relief to him.
I need to get off pretty soon, but I wanted to say that I asked him how many baptizms he has had so far. He said he wasn't sure, they're really not supposed to focus much on numbers like that. But after thinking for a minute, he said he was pretty sure it was somewhere around 18-20. Wow, how amazing is that?
I am so proud of him. In just a short hour, it was easy to see how much he's grown in just under 10 months of being a missionary. I love my brother!


  1. Emily, thanks bunches for doing a blog for Mike. I often wonder how he is doing. You are an amazing big sister!!! Love ya lots, aunt Dianna

  2. Emily, Thanks so much for all you are doing. It was good to hear that Kim is doing some better and also that we now can keep up with Mike. It was good to see him in a suit with a missionary badge!
    Don and Lois Rawlinson

  3. Seriously Em, I love the blogs you are doing. All my love to Kim and your family. Glad to see Mike is doing well out there. He is missed and thought about by all us friends. We're so glad he is having a great time. :)