Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28th

It was great talking to you on Friday, you sounded happy and positive. How have things gone these past few days? I hope Kim is starting to get her blood cells back.
This week has been a weird week for me. We spent a lot of time with members and didn’t get many chances to teach. It was fun though. Now its back to work- nothing special will be happening on New Years… we don’t even have a dinner for that night. So it will be a nice quite evening- exciting huh? And we used all our silly string already so we will have to do something else.
Sunday was weird. Bishop Gantz canceled all the meetings before church so we had a normal morning for once. I even got to study for an hour before the Denninghoffs picked us up. They have a son serving in Cali, and Sister Denninghoff talks about him all the time. On the way to church I spoke with Even, their youngest son, about his Eagle Scout project, and he talked about all the stress he was under to get it done. I told him it was well worth it and to get it done as soon as he could.
I’m excited that the days are getting longer. I hate not having light because it cuts back on the amount of work we can do; even if its 5:30 the people seem to think the day is over because its dark outside, and they don’t have to talk to you. It’s a pain.
When does dad go back to work? After the New Year?
Em told me about when kim was crazy and she talked about me, and said no one was home to eat the crackers. What else did she say? We can use it against her later on. I don’t think I said anything weird after I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Did I?
The closest people to Baptism we are working with right now are Chris Wohlhueter and Sam Mikekills. Sam has a date for the 9th of January and everything seems to be going well for that. Chris we will be taking to the temple to give him a tour of the grounds then commit him to be baptized to join his family forever. So pray that his heart will be softened. I love him and his family dearly and I know that he will be baptized sooner or later.
Elder Barney and I will be going to the Temple on the 8th to do a session with the Bairs. It’s about time- I haven’t been there in a while.
I love you all with all my heart and hope you have a wonderful new week full of the Spirit.

Elder Nelson

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