Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington

Elder Nelson with Pres & Sis Darrington
Just after Mike got to Florida

Sunday, November 21, 2010

15 November 2010

This past week was good- it had its highs and lows. One of my gators, Josh, was baptized yesterday- that was exciting.

We found a few interesting people to teach, one guy named Rolando is pretty cool. He is very observant and pays attention to the little things we say and do. He was going to be a pro boxer but he was hit by a car and it destroyed his leg, so he lost his endorsement. We told him that that could have happened for a reason. He didn't want to believe that at first, but now he is thinking that we are right. His life may have turned for the worst if he went pro- he wouldn't be listing to us, that's likely.

This ward is good with missionary work from what I have seen so far. Elder Zuniga made it sound like this ward was awful at it but compaired to other ward I have been in this place is great. They even have a missionary class that members go to. Elder Z and I taught that one yesterday. We went over teaching the restoration in a minute, for those times when you just meet some one or when you don't have much time to talk to them- basically, keeping it simple.

We will be eating at the Dawson's for thankgiving. They are a cool family. I met them once before, so I'm excited for it.

Elder Z has been trying to catch a squirrel for a while now to put in the other missionaries' bathroom, because one of them, Elder Brown, hates squirrels. Elder Z has a squirl call to get them close so he can catch them. This one time he was using it and this cat came out of no where and attacked him before it realized that he wasn't a squirrel... I laughed and laughed... it was very funny, but no squirrel.

So instead we found dead fish to put in their toilet.


Elder Nelson

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